Jellyfish Mobile

Tiny box, HUGE deal!

Jellyfish Mobile is changing the way creative teams all over the world produce video content. Designed by a team of Hollywood filmmakers, editors, and colorists, this little server has the power to change the way you think about post-production.

You Customise, We Configure

Every Jellyfish is built to meet your exact specifications. Our team of workflow experts can help integrate a Jellyfish into your existing workflow, or help design a new workflow that is fast, secure, and efficient. Once we’ve settled on your perfect build and run a series of demanding performance and endurance tests, our team will preconfigure your server so it’s ready to run right out of the box.

Scan. Initialise. Mount.

3 clicks to better content

Simple to connect

The ShareClient App, included with any Jellyfish, allows your team to quickly connect to the server and get to work. It’s perfect for full-time users as well as occasional users who need temporary access for a project.

Tuned for performance

In addition to mounting the Jellyfish, the ShareClient App tunes your computer’s network settings to achieve maximum bandwidth so your Jellyfish is super fast.

Search for your media using spotlight

If you’re on a Mac, the Jellyfish can be browsed and searched using Spotlight. No more clicking through layers and layers of custom browsers to get to your footage and libraries. That’s another way the Jellyfish is designed to work the way you do.

Collaborate and create with the software of your choice

Optimised for Video Workflow

The Jellyfish is designed for one thing and one thing only: collaborative video workflow. That means high bandwidth, low latency, and no dropped frames. Modern video workflow places demands on shared storage unlike any other industry. That’s why a repurposed storage solution, one designed for anything other than video workflow, will leave you disappointed and struggling to stay afloat. Your storage is either working for you, or working against you.

Choose wisely.

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