3 simple things your teams can do right now to improve data security

One in three UK small businesses reported a cyberattack last year. The same government surveyfound that more than 35% of small businesses think they’re too small to be at risk. And only a quarter of small businesses gave their staff cybersecurity training in the last year.

Small businesses are no less of a target for cybercriminals. As well as often being the gateway to bigger organisations with more valuable data, too many creative SMEs are making the cardinal mistake of thinking they don’t need to invest in their security beyond the basics.

It’s never too late to change things. Here are three things you can do right now to bolster security:

1. Enable two-factor (or multi-factor) authentication

2FA or MFA add an extra layer of protection to traditional logins, typically requiring users to access another device to generate a secure code to verify their login. It’s as simple as registering a phone number or downloading an app, but it could make all the difference in foiling a cyberattack.

2. Delete dormant accounts

How many accounts do you have left over from freelancers, contractors or staff that have since moved on? You might be surprised. High staff turnover is a common feature of creative businesses that change shape and size to fit the next project. The more accounts you have, the more points of vulnerability you have. A few minutes of housekeeping to close unused accounts could close the door to cybercrime.

3. Don’t ignore updates and patches

How many times do you or your staff hit ‘ignore’ when prompted to update your system? You could be missing out on the latest patch to repair a known vulnerability or counteract a new attack. One of the biggest data breaches in recent memory at Equifaxwas the result of an unpatched software vulnerability.

What you might save in time by putting it off for another day could seriously cost your business in the event of an attack.

What you can do right now

If your creative small business relies on technology to exist, you need to prioritise cyber security. There might not be a big budget or access to the latest tools, but the above steps are inexpensive and won’t take up much of your team’s time. Start by checking your team’s account credentials and password settings, and regularly remind everyone about the latest threats and to install updates as soon as possible.

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