5 Reasons Non-Profit Organisations Need IT Support

Non-profit business

In more ways than one, non-profit organisations have an important mission to fulfil – which means they need to maximise every tool at their disposal, from funds to human capital to IT support. Technology provides numerous benefits for non-profits, volunteers, and other stakeholders. However, non-profit organisations shouldn’t have to spend their time focusing on IT when they can look for a strategic IT partner to help them handle the core areas of their goals.

Below are five reasons you need a partner that has experience in IT support for non-profit organisations.

1. Ease of Handling Raw Data

Most non-profit organisations depend on data to measure their performance across the board. This, however, requires access to seamless data silos to improve the quality of services and products offered. To this end, IT partners like Marshall Info Tech can help your organisation embrace an analytics-driven culture with consistent implementation of data storage.

2. Optimisation of Manual Processes Using Tech Tools

Technology brings about automation, which speeds manual operations and frees up time for board members and executives so they can focus on more important areas of the organisation such as community impact, direct service, fundraising, and other activities that improve the non-profits’ productivity.

In particular, automation can be an extremely valuable tool for recording volunteer hours and fundraising.

3. Minimise Disruption to Continuity of Operations

Although much of the business data is backed and stored for future reference in case of system breakdowns, it may be nearly impossible to restore data without the support of a healthy IT team. The right IT partner lets you adapt quickly to changing dynamics (such as calls for social distancing by the government) while minimising disruption to operations.

Using tools from G Suite and Microsoft 365, you and your teams can stay fully operational while working from home.

4. Ensure Security for Digital Presence

Now that everything is becoming increasingly digital, organisations that upload their data on the cloud are at an increased risk of digital threats. Most non-profit companies raise money through an online platform, which puts personal information and finances at risk.

All areas of their online activities need to be protected, and an IT team can narrow down these needs based on the specific company.

Moreover, the right IT team will have a plan in place in case something goes wrong. They will also provide the company with a disaster recovery plan. With tech consultants on your team, your business will be able to stay open round the clock.

5. Access to the Right IT Tools

One reason not to underestimate IT support for non profits is that they can optimise your use of technology. An IT provider will analyse your immediate requirements to ensure you have access to the right tools, including hardware and software, to ensure your non-profit thrives.

Wrapping Up

Technology was designed to make business processes and our everyday lives easier. IT support allows non-profits to become more innovative and have access to the same tools that for-profits use to thrive.

With several years of proven experience working with non-profits, we know that every organisation has unique needs and its own set of technological challenges. At Marshall Info Tech, we provide IT support for non-profit organisations. We work with you and your business to fully understand your goals, address your technological pain points, and help you get your tech projects off the ground. Discover how our IT services for non-profit organisations can bring you closer to fulfilling its mission.

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