Now that we’ve once again been told to work from home, let’s revisit the work from home topic.

After the urgent rush to work from home in March, many businesses now have some staff still at home, with others in the office. However with Boris’s latest statement on 22nd September 2020, it seems those of us who have returned to the office may be making our way back home.

And it’s looking like (cliché alert) this will be the “new normal”.

Seeing as we don’t know what the next few years have in store us, this is a great time to make sure that all of your team can work from anywhere, on any device, any time – a long overdue exercise which would ideally already be in place.

That gives you maximum flexibility and minimum future disruption.

We’ve put together a brand new guide to show you the most important things to consider with a permanent flexible working arrangement for your people.

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