IT Health Check and Report

Business IT Health Check

IT Health Check ReportWe offer an IT health check as our first step to introducing Marshall Info Tech IT Managed Services to potential clients. This comprehensive check will determine the age and current condition of your network connectivity, as well as the status and security of servers, workstations, laptops and anti-virus protection.

Patch management is a necessity to providing a safe and secure IT environment. As part of the health check, we will report on the patch status of all your machines.

Why Have An IT Health Check?

An IT Health Check provides assurance that your company’s external systems have been fully protected from any unauthorised changes or access and that there is no possibility of unauthorised entry into the system. It will also offer reassurance that there are no weaknesses on the network’s infrastructure or on any individual systems which could allow any internal device to unintentionally or intentionally have an impact on any of the other devices’ security.

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What to expect?

A complete report detailing any issues detected as well as their type and how severe they are. All vulnerabilities will be properly identified as well as explained and a solution to remedy the problem will also be indicated so that you can put rectification measures in place as quickly as possible to mitigate these risks.

An IT Health Check, makes it possible to spot any possible issues before they cause serious problems and so better protect your company from fraud, scams, cyber crime or data loss than experience it before deciding to make a change. At Marshall Info Tech, we believe prevention is better than cure.

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