IT Services for TV & Film Production

With accuracy and efficiency being fundamental essentials in the TV, film and video industry, how much extra reassurance would it give you to know that your IT support partner is an expert in your industry procedures, software and hardware?

With years of experience, knowledge and skills, we know what’s vital to make a successful production and can provide your company with a wide variety of support services for Windows machines or Macs including connectivity software and support, content workflows and media asset management.

Our IT support specialists have a thorough understanding in the installation and implementation of these technologies and can successfully deliver these services efficiently.

Our team has the skills and expertise to manage your IT systems either remotely or over the telephone.

We also happily provide flexible support contracts so we can manage as much or as little of your IT as you require.

With an ever-growing client roster, including Gogglebox Entertainment, All3media, Cactus TV and Pulse Film, we are confident that your business will grow in revenue and allow you to focus on what you do best.

Benefits of using Marshall Info Tech Ltd:

Proven track record in the industry Experience in live TV, studio, location shoots, drama & feature films Cloud services for video, TV and film production Ability to accommodate new starters at short notice Pay only for what you use Location support and short term, instant access via satellite, cable or wi-fi Large file transfer solutions Media asset management and archive Internet connectivity IP telephony.


Gogglebox Entertainment

Red Arrow Entertainment Group


All3 Media

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