IT support where and when you need it

How quickly does your IT support respond? According to helpdesk provider Zendesk, the average IT support ticket sits unanswered for 24.2 hours before a first response. We believe that a good IT provider should do more than answer the phone. Small businesses deserve tech support that’s as flexible as they are. Creative businesses – agencies, TV and film production, architects, and beyond – need one better: IT support that matches the pace of their operations.

Here’s our approach…

On-site IT

Unlike many other IT companies, we’re based a stone’s throw from Soho and London’s West End, where most of our clients have premises. Being so close to the capital’s media heartland means that we’re perfectly placed to offer on-site help. For instance, we’re often asked to provide start-up services for a new production, or to establish a temporary comms room for an event production. We’re also around to quickly pop over and resolve any niggling hardware issues – temperamental physical network connections and servers down, for instance.

It’s that added peace of mind that our clients appreciate at times when big changes are afoot – a systems changeover, or new security protocols, for example.

Off-site tech support

This is probably the service you’d expect from an IT company: telephone, email and remote desktop support. We pick up tickets quickly and aim to resolve the issue as fast as possible – the level of service creative businesses need to keep their projects on deadline. Our staff are highly experienced and both PC and Mac natives, meaning we can mirror your problem and work through it with you – whatever your system. We’re also the digital workflow specialists. Got a question about backups, or need to review your security? No problem – give us a call.

Remote monitoring

As part of our managed services, we can install an application onto your network, offering instant support for desktops, laptops and servers. That gives us real-time performance monitoring, so we can keep an eye on disk space and any hardware or software failures. By alerting our IT experts to any problems, we can often resolve them before any downtime occurs – meaning the problem can be solved before you’ve even noticed it.

This intelligent monitoring also comes with the ability to create custom alerts for your individual networks, giving us the flexibility to keep an eye on what matters to you most – and giving you the added resilience in your workflows.

At Marshall Info Tech, we understand the pace at which creative businesses and production houses move. Our MD Gary Marshall led IT for a number of TV and news media companies before starting Marshall Info Tech. We’re now proud to work with a mix of creative businesses, keeping their systems online and their data secure, whatever the scale of their projects. Let’s talk – call us on 0203 384 9830 or leave us a message.

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