Tiny box, HUGE deal!

Jellyfish Mobile is changing the way creative teams all over the world produce video content. Designed by a team of Hollywood filmmakers, editors, and colorists, this little server has the power to change the way you think about post-production.

You Customize, We Configure

Every Jellyfish is built to meet your exact specifications. Our team of workflow experts can help integrate a Jellyfish into your existing workflow, or help design a new workflow that is fast, secure, and efficient. Once we’ve settled on your perfect build and run a series of demanding performance and endurance tests, our team will preconfigure your server so it’s ready to run right out of the box.

Scan. Initialize. Mount.
3 clicks to better content


The ShareClient App, included with any Jellyfish, allows your team to quickly connect to the server and get to work. It’s perfect for full-time users as well as occasional users who need temporary access for a project.


In addition to mounting the Jellyfish, the ShareClient App tunes your computer’s network settings to achieve maximum bandwidth so your Jellyfish is super fast.


If you’re on a Mac, the Jellyfish can be browsed and searched using Spotlight. No more clicking through layers and layers of custom browsers to get to your footage and libraries. That’s another way the Jellyfish is designed to work the way you do.


Optimized for Video Workflow

The Jellyfish is designed for one thing and one thing only: collaborative video workflow. That means high bandwidth, low latency, and no dropped frames. Modern video workflow places demands on shared storage unlike any other industry. That’s why a repurposed storage solution, one designed for anything other than video workflow, will leave you disappointed and struggling to stay afloat. Your storage is either working for you, or working against you. Choose wisely.

Trusted by the very best

Jellyfish Mobile Specs

Maximum READ: 2200 MB/s
Maximum WRITE: 1000 MB/s
10GbE Speed = Between 500 – 1000 MB/s*
1GbE Speed = 100 MB/s
*10GbE speeds vary based on receiving network interface card, Thunderbolt Adapter, Network Protocol, & client machine specs. Contact us for recommendations and best practices for your workflow.

All Jellyfish servers are designed to operate without a switch. Users can connect directly to the Jellyfish for maximum performance and ease of operation. A switch can be used if desired, please contact us for recommendations and compatibility.
Jellyfish Mobile servers include = (2) 10GbE / 1GbE user ports
Add additional users based on your needs:
Maximum 10GbE user ports = 6
Maximum 1 GbE user ports = 8
12Gb SAS Jellyfish Expansion Port = 1

24TB = 24TB RAW / 15TB Usable
32TB = 32TB RAW / 20TB Usable
48TB = 48TB RAW / 30TB Usable
64TB = 64TB RAW / 40TB Usable
80TB = 80TB RAW / 50TB Usable
RAW = Manufacturers stated disk capacity
Usable = Actual available space after accounting for server overhead, RAID parity, & 20% performance buffer.

Every Jellyfish Mobile can connect to 2 Jellyfish Mobile Expansion chassis of any capacity.
Note: To expand existing pool, Jellyfish Expansion Chassis must be same capacity as primary Jellyfish. If expansion capacity differs from primary capacity separate pools will be created.
Example: 48TB Primary + 48TB Expansion + 48TB Expansion = 1 Pool equal to 144TB
To add Jellyfish Expansion Chassis with different capacity than primary Jellyfish, discrete pools will be created.
Example: 24TB Primary + 48TB Expansion + 64TB Expansion =
1 Pool 24TB
1 Pool 48TB
1 Pool 64TB

Jellyfish uses a software RAID similar to RAID 5. This means (1) out of (8) HDD can fail without any data loss.
At the time of purchase Jellyfish can be configured to provide additional data protection allowing for (2) or (3) drives to fail without data loss.
This configuration is recommended for users who will be traveling frequently and risk physically damaging drives during transport or for anyone wishing to add additional data security.

Full interoperability between MacOS, Windows, & Linux

Optimized for FCPX, Premiere, AVID, Resolve, Motion, After Effects, Audition, Pro Tools, Logic
Thunderbolt 3 ready
Supports rsync backup
Supports Snapshots backup
Supports major cloud backup platforms (Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS)
Remote access to Jellyfish over FTP or SSH available

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