Remote Network, Desktop and Security Monitoring & Remote IT Support

Remote Network Monitoring

At Marshall Info Tech, we can install an application on your network (that covers desktops, laptops and servers) which enables the team to remotely monitor items such as performance, disk space, and general software or hardware failures.

With this integral information, the IT specialists can respond in a proactive and speedy manner to ensure that the highlighted issue is either resolved before causing any downtime, or fixed as quickly as possible.

Our network monitoring software also allows us to create customisable alerts for a client’s individual network, thus giving us the ability to be flexible to the systems and software we monitor and manage.

Remote IT Support Service

Most IT issues can be fixed by remotely connecting to your computer. The exceptions are when the computer is unable to turn on, has hardware faults, and internet access issues. In these circumstances, we can either perform the work on-site, or you can bring your computer to our office.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties and you are able to access the internet on your device, email us at or call us on 0203 384 9830 to arrange a remote IT support session.

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