March last year could have been a LOT less stressful for your business

OK, this may feel traumatic for you, but let’s fly back in time, to around a year ago.

The country was teetering on the edge of a national lockdown.

Many businesses had no option but to send their people to work from home in makeshift offices.

We all had just a few days to move whole operations. To make everything available so that people could access documents remotely; collaborate; and stay connected and updated to everything that was going on in the business. At home.

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How did that work out for your business?

Was it smooth sailing because you already had the bones for a “work anywhere, anytime” kind of business?

Or was it full of stress, confusion… and more stress?

One thing we learned from the whole thing was that many businesses like yours came away very unhappy with their IT support provider.

In fact, we heard from lots of local businesses that when they needed their IT support the most, it just… disappeared.

The problem is, lots of these IT support providers were simply too small, inexperienced, or unprepared for such a huge undertaking. They simply didn’t have the capacity to help everyone they needed to, at the same time.

The pandemic sped up the realisation that when growing your business, you need more than just someone to call when you have a problem.

You need a strategic partner who will clear up any issues, but also work proactively all the time, looking at ways to keep things running smoothly. And to make your IT setup the best it can be for your business.

The right key changes can make a world of difference

Imagine how much simpler things would have been if your business had already been set up for remote working?

How much time would you have saved? How much smoother would the transition have been?

We believe there are a few key changes any business can make to its IT setup, that will boost productivity, help you hit your goals more quickly, and help you stay prepared for unexpected change.

And we’re confident we can help you to identify the key changes your business needs to make, with an infrastructure audit.

My name is Gary Marshall and I own and run IT support and data security business Marshall Info Tech. My team is used to speaking to business owners and managers who need more from their IT service provider.

We hear from business owners looking for a partnership rather than just support. That’s because they now realise the benefit of having someone working away in the background, to create and maintain an infrastructure that complements and enhances the service they provide.

I’d love to help you with this, too.

This is why I am offering your business a key changes audit.

My team of experts will talk to you about your IT infrastructure – the systems you use, your security provisions, and how your people use it. We’ll also discuss any technology issues that you have. And how you’d like things to work in a perfect world.

From this conversation, we’re certain we can suggest the key changes that you can make to create a robust IT setup that makes your life (and work) easier.

Before we go ahead, we’ll need to have a quick video call (no more than 15 minutes) to discuss your business, and answer your questions.

It’s really easy to arrange this. My live calendar is below. Take a look and select the appointment date and time that suits you best.

There’s no obligation to go ahead with the audit after we talk. And certainly no obligation to buy anything, ever.

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