PR: Who’s watching your cameras? New scary hacking threats for London businesses

Hackers won’t just be targeting business’s computers in the near future. They’ll be trying to hack every single device connected to the internet.

That includes security cameras, burglar alarms – and even fish tanks, says local data security expert Gary Marshall, of Marshall Info Tech.

“We’re all connecting more things to the internet every day. It’s called the Internet of Things,” he explained.

“It’s not unusual to meet someone whose fridge is connected to the internet. But every time you add an extra device to your business’s IT network, you potentially open up new ways for hackers to get in.”

Gary has been tracking a number of breaches of the Internet of Things.

Recently 150,000 security cameras were hacked, allowing the private feeds from businesses, schools and hospitals to be viewed.

And a few years ago, hackers managed to access an online thermometer in a casino’s fish tank, and from there break into their IT network.

“These are extreme examples, but I think they give us an indication of how resourceful hackers can be,” Gary added.

“Before adding any new device to their network, local businesses owners should get advice from IT professionals. A little thought on installation can stop a horrendous breach from happening down the line.”

Gary’s business Marshall Info Tech was formed in 2009. It now looks after dozens of businesses in London and surrounding areas.

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