Shock for London bosses: 83% of staff don’t expect full-time return to the office

The vast majority of staff don’t believe they’ll ever return to their office full-time – a year on from the enforced start of Work From Home (WFH).

And that result is likely to be reflected here in London, according to a local IT expert.

Gary Marshall, of Marshall Info Tech has been studying the results of a recent survey.

“Remote working was forced on many workers a year ago. That was a huge shock. But now a majority of staff surveyed believe it’s improved their productivity, and WFH will always play a part in their future employment.

“I can’t see a future where all staff will work all the time in an office, like we used to. The flexibility and benefits of doing some work from home are here to stay. The genie’s out of the bottle!”

The original survey, run by company that analyses the print market, revealed:

  • 52% of workers expect to work flexibly between the office and home
  • Only 17% of workers expect to return to the office full-time
  • 87% say their productivity is the same or has increased since WFH began

Gary added: “This is important information for business owners and managers as they continue to adapt their growth plans to the pandemic.

“The days of everyone being in one place are long gone. Now, every business must get set up so anyone can work anywhere, on any device.

“This is going to be the long-term future of business.”

Gary’s business Marshall Info Tech was formed in 2009. It now looks after dozens of businesses in the London area.

Gary Marshall is available for further information on 0203 384 9830.

The original survey results are here:

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