Silent but healthy: how remote monitoring is your first line of defence

Ever had to install updates on every computer in the office? Or been concerned with keeping an eye on the latest security threats across all your business’ devices? Enter: remote monitoring.

Most small businesses have two main challenges: time and budget. Remote monitoring – one of a range of tools provided by managed service providers – aims to reduce both by keeping a careful watch over all devices on your business network.

Let’s say you don’t have an in-house IT department and a problem comes up. Remote monitoring allows you to log in to a service portal, log a ticket and have it resolved (in most cases) without having to bring someone in.

There a few different ways remote monitoring can help your business:

A watchful eye

By outsourcing your network monitoring to a team of offsite IT technicians, you’re both freeing up time for your business and putting it in the hands of the experts. Keeping a proactive watch over your devices means we can often solve an issue before you’re even aware of it. We look for signs of malware, as well as early warnings of hardware failure.

Updates and patches

Updates need to be installed as soon as possible in most cases – particularly if they contain security patches in response to the latest cybersecurity threats. Asking staff to manually update their systems can be laborious, and often leads to periods of time in between the latest updates. Remote monitoring means our specialists can remotely install the latest updates and patches all at once, without visiting.

Fast responses

Waiting for a solution to a tech problem can sap your time and energy, which could be better spent on other things. By using an MSP with remote monitoring, our team can access your devices from afar, resolving issues sooner than booking in a site visit. The majority of IT issues can be solved remotely.

Reclaim your time and budget by using an MSP. We’re Soho and the West End’s creative industries specialists, helping SMEs stay agile and secure. Our team are made up of PC and Mac natives, on hand to respond to security threats, install the latest patches, and react quickly to issues. Contact us to find out more about remote monitoring.

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