Remote & Onsite Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Assessment by a creative industry IT expert – 12 years and still going strong

Specialising in working with Creative Industries, we know how to help companies prevent leaks, breaches, and hacks of their customers’ movies and television shows prior to their intended release date. We offer Trusted Partner Network (TPN) assessments / audits and consulting services, allowing clients to focus on other aspects of their business safe in the knowledge that their IT and cyber security needs are being met by a team of expert technical staff. 

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Mitigating the main security threat to the entertainment industry’s 

most prized asset, it’s content. Our services include:

Pre-Assessment Preparation

Pre-Assessment Engineering

Onsite / Remote Assessment

Post-Assessment Remediation

Post-Assessment Engineering

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Marshall Info Tech provide a selective, flexible range of IT Support and advisory services to utilise as much or as little support as your business needs, allowing you to focus on your business whilst we work to bring technologies, resources and processes together to provide you with an agile and cohesive service.

Why choose Marshall Info Tech?

How would you like:

Lower costs, higher reliabilityTo receive high-level IT supportTo achieve Improve securityTo Keep data safe

Ensure data backup & disaster recovery

Preventive and timely ITmaintenanceAvoid unforeseen costs associated with
cyber disasters

A look at our core services:

IT Support

As an accredited Microsoft Silver partner we understand that every business has different IT requirements. Our outsourced IT support service reduces costs whilst increasing efficiencies.

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IT Maintenance

Consistent IT Maintenance helps avoid unplanned downtime, security risks, and unpredictable information technology performance, ensuring effective performance and reduced support costs.

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Back-up and Monitoring

We provide a back-up process that is checked, monitored and managed to ensure that in any event, data can be restored to your network.

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Remote Network, Desktop and Security Monitoring

We provide a complete view of items such as performance, disk space, and general software or hardware failures. Ensuring visibility, control and management at all times.

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MAC IT Support

As MAC IT Support specialists, we can provide onsite installation, real time problem solving, maintain your computer network systems and everything in between.

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We are aware that, especially nowadays, each business faces different IT challenges & requirements, and whether your team are working in-house, remotely or planning their return to the office, our expertise can help ensure your set-up has the highest level of efficiency, security and protection.

Our hands-on experience across multiple industries, means you’ll be in good hands if you trust in Marshall Info Tech.

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I have used Marshall Info Tech Ltd for the last 15 months. From primetime entertainment to comedy, our formats feature some of the UK’s best talent, both on and off screen.

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Marshall Info Tech for have been great for the past three and a half years. They were instrumental in our office relocation from our long-term base in Kennington to new premises in Clapham.

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