What’s New With Windows In 2023?

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Years ago, the thought of being able to control our computers with a few simple clicks seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie – but here we are today in 2023, and we can do anything virtually on our computers without breaking a sweat!

But what exactly has changed in the world of Windows within the last decade? Is there still a new technology that hasn’t quite made its way onto everyone’s desktops yet?

Well, buckle up, friends – because we’re about to dive deeply into all the great Windows 2023 updates that have come through about hardware, software, and accessibility for Windows users so far this year!

1.    Task Manager Has Live Kernel Memory Dumps

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25276 is ushering in some much-anticipated advancements, such as the capability to create live kernel memory dumps through Task Manager.

This awesome new addition is a great way for IT professionals and system administrators to monitor processes more easily than ever before.

Gone are the days of tracking processes as best you can with user-mode memory dumps; now, it’s possible to pull real-time dumps from your system and make sure that nothing fishy is occurring – all from the comfort of Task Manager.

2.    Cloud Storage Update

Cloud storage just got an upgrade! Starting February 1st, 2023, Microsoft will offer a greater variety of cloud storage options by making Outlook.com attachments and previously separate OneDrive data available across all Microsoft 365 apps and services.

This unification of data will not only reduce storage stress for users but simplify their overall experience as well. No need to toggle between multiple cloud storage sources – it’s all right in one place!

3.    Notepad Gets Tabs

For years, Notepad has been a handy go-to tool for quick notes and snippets of text. Now, it’s about to become even more powerful!

Microsoft announced the addition of tabs for the famous scripting tool, allowing users to organize multiple documents in a single window and making hopping between them much faster and easier.

Best of all, you can drag individual tabs into their window- something previously unavailable with File Explorer.

4.    New Widgets For Spotify, Facebook Messenger, And Phone Link

Microsoft has given Windows 11 users a new way to connect with the world. With the latest release of the Windows App SDK 1.2, developers can create widgets for Messenger, Spotify, and Phone Link designed specifically for Windows 11.

These widgets make staying connected so much easier; you no longer have to open separate apps to check in on conversations, catch up on music, or video call your loved ones – it’s all right there at your fingertips!

Wrapping Up

Despite these changes, one thing remains the same: Microsoft strives for excellence. They have been leaders in the computer industry since the release of their first operating system, and they will continue to be for many years to come.

As always, we at Marshal Info Tech will be here to help with any problems you may have along the way –installing a new version of Windows or anything else.

What’s New With Windows In 2023?
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What’s New With Windows In 2023?
Let’s take a deep dive into all the great updates that have come through about hardware, software, and accessibility for Windows users so far this year!
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