When it might be time to outsource your IT

Outsource your small business IT

Running a small business? When it comes to saving time and money, outsourcing might not be the first place you’d look. Yet, in some cases, it really pays to have the expertise at your fingertips of another team – without the cost of taking on senior, experienced technical staff. Here are three situations where outsourcing your IT might make most sense:

1. You need an expert

IT is evolving fast. A single member of staff or a small in-house team are unlikely to keep on top of the latest cybersecurity threats and technologies – which could cost your business down the line. Outsourcing your IT to a dedicated company takes tech off your plate, and puts it in the hands of a raft of people whose job is solely to stay on top of what’s affecting small businesses like yours.

2. You want to keep costs down

Recruiting full-time staff is expensive and inflexible. Handing your IT to an MSP like Marshall Info Tech means you’ll get access to a team with clear deliverables tailored to your business – all for roughly the cost of a senior IT staff member. And, if your needs change, it’s far easier to scale up or down the services.

3. You need problems solved as fast as possible

Small businesses often rely on staff wearing multiple ‘hats’. As well as putting pressure on individuals to upskill to take on technical work when it comes up, there’s also the operational risk posed by major events like cyberattacks. If IT is a joint responsibility between staff members, dealing with an incident could derail other areas of the business. An external IT company can often detect and deal with problems as they arise, using remote monitoring and analytics to spot network issues. We’re also driven by SLAs to deliver the best possible service as quickly as we can so you can carry on doing what you do best. 

It’s time to hand your IT over to the small business experts. We serve London’s creative SMEs, including film and TV production houses, architects, designers and agencies. We use the latest technologies to stay on top of emerging risks and provide a range of managed services designed to free you up while keeping your business on top of its game. Contact us today to hear more.

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