Back-Up And Recovery – Are You Backing Up Your Data?

Data Backup and Recovery

What’s one of the most powerful business tools in today’s rapidly expanding digital world? Data!

Businesses store and process valuable information that helps them make crucial business decisions. In fact, how efficiently a business collects and analyzes data relevant to industry and consumers has become a competitive advantage in the market.

But what happens if you lose important data? It leads to upset customers, lost business opportunities, missed revenue, and even bankruptcy. But don’t worry; you can save your business from such data-related disasters through a strong data backup and recovery plan.

Read this blog to know what data backup and recovery is all about and whether you really need a data backup and recovery plan.

What is Data Backup and Recovery?

As a business, you often deal with highly sensitive and valuable information like personal details of your customers, contact numbers of your suppliers, etc. You can’t afford to lose such data, right? Well, this is where data backup and recovery come in.

Data Backup

Data Backup can be defined as the process of developing and storing copies of data in your hard drive, mobile devices, or other hardware and software.

These backup copies can be used in the case you lose the original files. In simple words, it is a way to protect your organization from the drawbacks of data loss.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of restoring data from a backup to the original or an alternate location to be used in the place of corrupted or lost data.

Why Bother About Data Backup and Recovery?

Businesses have been becoming increasingly reliant on different data to guide and support their daily operations. However, increased reliance on data has magnified the extent of loss they have to face in the case of primary data failure. Sometimes, businesses come to a complete stop until data essential to continue the operations is recovered.

Data can be lost when your operating system crashes, an employee makes an error, someone hacks your system, or it falls prey to a virus. Such data-related disasters are quite common. Hence, it is essential for every business to have a strong backup and recovery strategy.

What’s the Reliable Method to Back up Data?

Your choice of a particular backup and recovery option depends on the specific requirements of your business, your budget, the ease of set up and recovery, the level of data security you want, and the speed of a particular backup and recovery system.

Here are the options that you have to back up your data.

Removable Media: It involves devices like USBs, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray disks. Removable media is the best option if you work on a small scale.

External Hard Drives: This refers to portable hard-drives that can be connected to your computer or laptop externally with or without cables. They can store much more data than other removable media.

Backup Software: Software-based solutions allow you much more flexibility than hardware appliances, but they are more complex to set up and configure.

Cloud-Based Software: Your data is stored in a remote location on the Internet. Data stored on a cloud-based system can be accessed anytime on any device via the Internet.

Backup Services: You entrust your data to backup professionals who offer powerful backup solutions involving different backup hardware and software.

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Back-Up And Recovery – Are You Backing Up Your Data?
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Back-Up And Recovery – Are You Backing Up Your Data?
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