Getting The Best Out Of Microsoft Office 365

Get the best out of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers a diverse suite of products to help you increase productivity and automate multiple tasks in your everyday professional life. Its myriad of products enables you to work with a single software rather than finding multiple programs to manage tasks and communication. However, if you are only using Gmail for communication and Excel to keep a tally of your finances, you are not fully utilizing the benefits of Microsoft Office 365.

This article will discuss how you can get the best out of Microsoft Office 365 and use. Its features and functionalities to simplify and automate your tasks. Let’s get started!

Take Notes With Office Lens

OneNote is the gold standard for note-taking. Basically, it is a Microsoft app designed to store information and take notes. You don’t have to rush for a pen and paper the next time you find something you want to write down. You can save photos, drawings, and links, use a stylus to jot anything down, and even share it as a co-authoring tool.

One amazing addition to OneNote is the Microsoft Office Lens. It is a built-in camera on the OneNote app. It lets you take pictures of printed documents and paper, sharpens them, and adds them automatically to your notes.

Use the “Tell Me” Feature

If you feel like you have only discovered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Microsoft 365 and its features, you need to use the “Tell Me” feature. Tell Me allows you to add keywords or phrases for anything you want to perform on the apps, and it instantly tells you how to handle the task. The Tell Me bar is available on the top of most Microsoft 365 apps, where you can search for almost anything and get quick and easy professional help.

Sign Digitally With DocuSign

The world is going digital, and thus, the need arises to have appropriate apps that help with remote and online working. One such Microsoft 365 app is DocuSign. It lets you sign any document digitally within the most frequently used apps, such as Teams, Word, Outlook, Dynamics 365, etc. It saves you from the print-and-scan process and enhances productivity and automation.

Research On Smark Lookup

What do you do when you’re writing a document or email and suddenly come across a phrase or word that you don’t quite understand? You use Microsoft’s Smart Lookup feature, of course. This feature enables you to instantly check the meaning and usage of a word or phrase, which ensures you don’t hinder your writing process. All you have to do is select the word, right-click on it and select “search.” A panel will open, including the definition, Wikipedia articles, and top-related searches of the word.

Use Focused Inbox

Outlook has many features that help you organize your inbox and ensure you are not missing out on anything vital. For instance, the Clutter feature in Outlook recognizes the emails you frequently read and those left unread. With this information, it automatically sorts your unread emails into a clutter folder.

Another cool feature in Outlook is the Focused Inbox. This feature fine-tunes your inbox by keeping meaningful and actionable emails front and center. The emails are divided into two folders, Focused and Other. You can send emails that you deem essential to the focused inbox and others to the “other” inbox. This helps you prioritize your work accordingly.

Microsoft Office 365 makes your work simple, fast, and secure if you know how to use it correctly. We hope these suggestions help you get the best out of Microsoft Office 365 and increase your productivity.

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Getting The Best Out Of Microsoft Office 365
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Getting The Best Out Of Microsoft Office 365
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