Is Windows 12 Already on its Way?

Is Windows 12 already on its way?

The rapid updates in the operating systems keep us wondering about the next major release. For Microsoft, the next new update is already in talks.  

Microsoft announced Windows 10 as the last version of the much-loved Windows Operating System. However, the company surprised its users recently; instead of its twice-a-year update to Microsoft 10, it announced the release of a major update in 2021 by the name of Windows 11.  

Windows 11 was released as Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system in October 2021, six years after the release of its predecessor, Windows 10. It was offered as a free upgrade to all the devices compatible with its system requirements. It just has been a few months since the release of Windows 11, but tech enthusiasts are already expecting a jump to Windows 12. 

So, let’s take a look at what’s cooking in the tech world. 

Expected Release Date of Windows 12 

The life cycle of an operating system’s current version can help us estimate the release date of the next version.   

Microsoft Windows typically comes with a support period of 10 years: 5 years of mainstream support and 5 years of extended support. During this tenure, new updates, service packs, fixes, builds, and patches are released to remove the technical vulnerabilities and make the operating system more secure and reliable. Microsoft supported Windows XP and Windows 7 for 12 and 11 years, respectively. 

The company usually launches a new version before the end of its support period for the current version. The support period for Windows 10 is expected to end in October 2025, while the support period for Windows 11 has not been announced yet.  

If the trend continues, Microsoft will end the support for Windows 11 in 2031. Therefore, the expected rollout of the new version, Windows 12, will happen somewhere between 2031 and 2033. However, the company may even introduce the new version earlier if they think it’s the right time. 

According to a German tech site named Deskmodder, Microsoft will begin working on Windows 12 as early as March 2022. Even if this rumor is true, the release of Windows 12 has a long way to go. This is because developing a new operating system takes time, especially if the structure of previous versions is not used.  

All discussions aside, Microsoft can surprise us by launching Windows 12 unexpectedly sooner, just as it did with the release of Windows 11. The company effectively prevents any major information leak before the day of the planned official announcement.  

Expected Features of Windows 12 

With the frequent updates introduced in the current version, it’s hard to predict what new features would characterize Windows 12, the new version. For example, rumors about a significant update to Windows 11 were going around, but now, some people believe those changes will be part of the new version altogether. 

Deskmodder suggests that the new version will not be inspired by its predecessors. Instead, it will be built from the ground up. 

Microsoft is expected to drop part of Window’s old foundation in the new version. Moreover, the Home and Pro users will be required to create a Microsoft account. Microsoft Pluton’s security chip may become compulsory for all Windows PCs. Lastly, the TPM 2.2 and Secure Boot will be an essential part of Windows 12. Some parts of 10X, the discontinued Windows version, will also be infused into the new version.  


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