Mac vs. Windows – Which Operating System is best?

Mac vs. Windows - Which Operating System is best?

The face-off between different operating systems has been going on for a long time now.  Apple’s Operating System (also known as macOS) and the Windows Operating System (simply called Windows) are the most popular desktop operating systems with enough fans to debate their pros and cons. So, how do you evaluate which operating system is best for your business? This blog compares both operating systems based on some crucial performance parameters.  

Before starting, please note that each operating system has its own features and limitations. When choosing one for yourself, you need to consider several other factors, like your business requirements, preferences, budget, etc. 

Let’s move on to the performance parameters for comparison. 

Variety of Hardware 

The variety of computer hardware compatible with a Mac Operating System is limited. Unlike windows, you can only access this operating system on Apple’s Macintosh line of computers, including MacBook and MacBook Pro, Mac Air, Mac Pro, iMac, and Mac Mini. Although designed for specialized purposes, these systems still seem expensive to most. 

On the other hand, Windows can be used with various computers and configurations. You can run a Windows operating system anywhere, ranging from a tablet with a detachable keyboard, a USB thumb drive, or a large, towering machine. Choosing the most suitable hardware for yourself within a reasonable budget becomes easy with Windows.  

Third-Party Applications 

With a macOS, you can download third-party applications from App Store and other identified developers on your computer. The Appstore in macOS mainly has the best applications for creative fields, while the App Store in Windows is more inclined towards custom business applications.  

However, it doesn’t mean that macOS does not have any options for custom business applications or Windows does not provide any applications for creative fields. This point just concludes the major type of third-party applications found in the App Store of each operating system. 

Performance Updates 

If you like your technological devices to get updated frequently, you will love the twice-a-year update policy of Windows OS. Note that these updates are not just a tweak or a new patch for security. They are significant updates that add new features or enhance the system’s performance. Comparatively, macOS usually comes up with only one significant update every year.  

Although staying updated in terms of technology is crucial for businesses today, such frequent updates often cause more problems than they can solve. This is also why Microsoft Windows decided to review and improve its update policy in 2018, after facing a major crisis because of an update going wrong.  

Security Issues 

Being the more commonly used and easily compatible system, Windows has always been more prone to viruses and other cyber-attacks. It has a reputation of being plagued with malware, adware, and other viruses hidden in the downloaded software, email attachments, or other types of files.  

macOS holds a comparatively cleaner record because it wasn’t popular enough to gain the attention of hackers and malware producers. However, it still had its own security lapses, such as the admin login vulnerability in 2017. Moreover, the increasing popularity of this operating system is now making it a potential target for cyber-criminals. 


There is no definite answer to tell you which operating system is best between Mac and Windows. It depends on whether their features and performance match your requirements and expectations. For example, you should choose macOS if your business deals with highly sensitive information because it’s considered more secure than Windows. 

macOS is also the better option when you want to integrate it with other Apple products of your business. However, you should go for Windows if you want to work with various hardware or have a tight budget. 


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