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media broadcast and storage

The Media and Entertainment Experts 

Marshall Info Tech is where customers can get a full spectrum of IT support and services. We comprehensively cover all the aspects of broadcast, media, and storage. Whether it’s software, hardware, or wider systems, our customers know we can solve all their IT-related problems. The wide range of services in our portfolio made us one of the leading IT providers in the industry. 


Our experts handle the production process perfectly to turn your idea into a final master copy of the media product required. We specialize in all kinds of media production equipment, like chroma setups, studio builds, live recording and streaming, and monitoring tools. With our experience of working with renowned media companies, broadcasters, and corporate videos departments, we guarantee to provide our clients with complete technological solutions that meet their exact requirements. 


Need the perfect audio quality for your content? Our comprehensive audio solutions allow your audio experts to effectively regulate and edit every sound in your production. Having the experience of working with different studios, we can guide our clients regarding the best audio equipment tailored to their business and project requirements. Whether it’s music, gaming sounds, or picture audio, our technical support can help you through it all. 

Post Production 

Post-production is often the most complex part of content creation. Our professionals will help you conquer that step by suggesting, installing, and designing the whole post-production setup to ensure a smooth workflow. Each part of your setup will be managed with perfection so that you can breeze through the post-production process without any hassles. 

Remote and Cloud Work Flows 

Remote working may affect your firm’s productivity without the right network and equipment. We can provide you with a robust IT structure involving remote and cloud workflows to increase your firm’s mobility. Our infrastructure is commercially distributed and sourced across numerous organizations that have given positive feedback regarding our simplified setups. 


With data and storage being one of the most crucial factors for business success, we know how important it is for a firm to have a smooth storage workflow. Different file and media management systems can make it difficult to choose the right one to manage your assets. We can suggest, install, and monitor the best storage system for your data that meets the required security standards and works with your software. 


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