Choosing a Cyber Security Expert – What to Consider

Cyber security expert

Even though the cybersecurity landscape seems like an overcrowded market, studies show an acute shortage of talent in this space. In fact, studies confirm that employment in this field needs to grow by 89% worldwide to fill the talent gap. Even so, it’s not easy for small businesses to find the best cyber security expert for their needs.

How do you choose the right cyber security team for your business with so many options? In general, there are five things to look for when assessing vendors and the solutions they provide. We’ll discuss them below.


Your business is growing – and so is your overall threat surface. The more employees you hire, the more vulnerable you are to attackers who can gain unauthorized access to systems. It’s no easy task for a small team to keep up with this growth. Adding new users, tools, or any other type of digital solution should not come at the cost of reduced security.

Look for a cyber security expert that provides a scalable service backed by a commitment to release new features that keep up the pace with your growth.

Cyber Resiliency

Some cyber security experts may call it ‘specialisation,’ but restricting the number of attacks you can stop is highly inefficient. This means that the vendor’s range of cyber security services should extend beyond just antimalware protection. From ransomware attacks to DDoS attacks, email compromise to advanced persistent attacks – cybercriminals will come at you with everything.

Your cyber security expert should cover the entire threat surface of your business – from physical and mobile devices to virtual environments and everything in between.


Technical difficulties are an inevitability and having the vendor’s support at all times is crucial. You will need help with installation, software updates, troubleshooting, and consultation for introducing new tools. You need this type of protection 24/7, 365 days a year. Not every vendor can provide such an extensive comprehensive protection and coverage level.

So make sure to ask them if they provide robust round-the-clock defenses that your business needs.

Cyber Security Team Expertise

Even the best security tool is only as good as the person running it. At its core, cyber security is about experience and understanding; the vendor needs to be closely familiar with how threats work, how to identify them, and how to prevent them.

Although some vendors are taking steps to automate cyber security with the aid of AI and machine learning (which is highly efficient), you still need an expert to derive meaning from the data that your business is generating. The bottom line is that this type of expertise is hard to find, and as the industry evolves, you need to find a group of specialists who can stay ahead of the curve.


The cyber security expert should have a proven track record with top-notch customer service standards. Look at their online reviews and, if possible, get in touch with their clients to see how they are performing. Speaking of reputation, you should work with vendors who hold various international information security certificates to demonstrate their expertise.

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