Where is Technology Taking us in 2022?

Tech trends of 2022

As we take an optimistic look at 2022, we reflect on the lessons we learned from the past two years and forecast how new technology trends will impact businesses today. A key trend for most businesses is the need to become more agile and flexible in response to supply chain issues, even if it means redesigning products and reworking the manufacturing process in real-time.

To this end, most businesses will find it crucial to embrace digital transformation by transitioning to cloud networks, especially as they seek to facilitate a hybrid-work environment for their employees.

From edge computing and low-code services to everything in between, these are the most important technological trends of 2022.

Cloud Computing

Nearly all UK businesses have transitioned into work-from-home arrangements as executives realize the importance of flexibility and productivity. To make this digital transformation possible, businesses have to use cloud technology. Businesses can no longer rely on legacy systems for data storage and collaboration because it hurts productivity and exposes them to security problems.

If your business has not adopted cloud technology, it is missing out. Cloud computing goes a long way in boosting productivity and maximizing security.

New Cloud Tools Support Collaboration and Data Sharing

Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspaces, and other collaboration tools have played an instrumental role in the transition of businesses in the past few years.

These tools will continue to improve in 2022 and beyond to facilitate greater accessibility and ease of transition.

Microsoft also announced that they will be rolling out new changes to their cloud offerings in the coming months. This includes a ‘raise hand’ feature (to create a queue of sorts) and assigning roles in meetings.

Low-Code or No-Code Services

Low-code and no-code solutions have flaunted their way into technological trends of 2022 because they allow applications to be developed using minimal effort. These tools allow non-developers to use drag and drop visual interfaces, connect them together, and create new apps. The result is higher efficiency, lower cost of development, and increased security.

More Advanced Security Threats 

Cyber criminals are on an unrelenting journey to develop sophisticated attacks and scams to breach confidential data and information. Perhaps more worryingly, we saw the rise of the Log4j vulnerability, one of the most effective cyber security threats we’ve ever seen. Threats like this will render basic antivirus tools ineffective and require more advanced tools that use AI and machine learning.

More importantly, the use of cyber security services and regular employee training will be key to protecting your data from increased risk.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics plays an important role in data analysis and improves efficiency. It will change the landscape across all industries in 2022, especially in the IT ecosystem. In addition, it will be crucial to improving cybersecurity (especially in regards to zero-day vulnerabilities) and Internet of Things technology.

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